ENT (Otolaryngology)

small otoscope

Finally, a professional grade otoscope in a convenient, pocket size. Introducing the World’s Smallest Otoscope – a miniature otoscope capable of intense illumination and high quality optical visualization. Like our full size Professional LED Otoscope, our Pocket Otoscope is equipped with a brilliant, long-lasting LED light. We made our pocket-sized otoscope specifically for fast, thorough…

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otoscope led

For years, doctors have used otoscopes to peer into the ears and diagnose infections, wax build-up and monitor the condition of ear tubes. Now, we have made it possible to take advantage of this same technology within your home using our Professional LED Otoscope. Imagine seeing your child’s ear infection before it produces symptoms. Think…

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ear wax

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a sticky substance naturally produced within the outer ear canal. Its purpose is to trap debris and bacteria, preventing it from damaging the eardrum or infecting the middle and inner ear. It is normal and healthy to have some ear wax, which usually dries up and falls out of…

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ear tube

Ear tubes are small plastic, metal, or Teflon cylinders placed inside the ear drums of children with chronic middle ear infections. Fluids that otherwise become trapped in the ear are allowed to drain, preventing recurrent infections and other complications like hearing loss, developmental delays, and poor sleep patterns. Ear tubes are very common during childhood.…

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ear infection

It’s the middle of the night, and your child has awakened you crying. Nothing you’ve tried is consoling her, and you notice she is pulling at her ears. Could she be suffering from an ear infection? Most ear infections are caused by a bacterial accumulation in the middle ear. These infections cause fluid to build…

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